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We support victims of digital fraud in a few ways: 

Advocate, Educate and Coordinate

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We advocate on behalf of victims of fraud to effect world wide, industry change

We educate victims of fraud on both fraud prevention and mitigation of repeat victimisation

We coordinate your fraud report with Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Bodies and Law Firms with investigation support and networked data to aid in the resolution, and in some cases recovery, of lost and stolen crypto assets

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Currently, there is a lack of regulation and resources available and as such, the legal cost of recovery is placed firmly with the victim unless they can qualify for some of the limited litigation funding. 

We have already taken several steps in partnership with leading firms to affect change, and 

influence policy makers to innovate this space, specifically for victims. 

The. road ahead is long, windy and steep - we will continue down it one step at a time in collaboration with influencers and organizations that also have a victim centric crypto industry in mind. 

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"Knowledge is power" a common term that has never felt more palpable. Providing victims of digital asset fraud access to cutting edge information, tools and resources when they are most vulnerable to becoming a repeat victim is mission critical. 

We are committed to collaborating with industry to ensure we are getting victims access to a 360 network of support, advice and resources that can best support them in their current situation and the months ahead. 




Asset Reality's Investigations Team coordinates with Law Enforcement Agencies, Governments and Law Firms around the world to ensure globally networked data and information sharing. Doing so enables Law Enforcement to be more efficient in pursing unlawful actors, stemming crypto crime and upgrading the quality of resolution for our victims of digital asset fraud.  In some select cases, we are far more effective at securing a recovery of lost and stolen digital assets. 

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